Be Encouraged Anointing Oil


Be Encouraged Anointing Oil                            

Glass Bottle $7.49 - .25oz / 7 grams - 100% Natural 

Anointing oil is made with pure essential oils.  It does not contain artificial fragrance oils with biblical names.

Anointing Oil comes with Carrying Pouch and a "Be Encouraged Instruction Sheet"

The properties of the essential oils in this blend have been documented over the years. Since this information is available, when using "Be Encouraged Anointing Oil",  speak encouragement over every aspect of your life.

  • Cypress, Positive Attributes: Cohesion, Stability, Surrendering  to G-d’s Will,  Spiritual Transformation, Strength, Comfort, Change, Control, Understanding, Balance, Sensitivity, Generosity, Contentment, Stillness, Confidence, Inner Peace, Purity of Heart, Patience, and Trust 

  •  Frankincense, Positive Attributes: Wisdom, Truthful, Reliable, Straightforward,  Resolution, Peacefulness, Meditative, Inspiration, Introspective, Inner Visionary, Faith, Emotional Stability, Emotional Purification, Intellectual Understanding, Calmness and Spiritual Awareness      

Do not store in direct sunlight or near heat

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Oil Olive, Essential Oils Cypress, Geranium, Frankincense, Orange