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DeGanya Aromatics

Luxurious, high quality bath, skin care and aromatherapy blends

Luxurious, high quality bath, skin care and aromatherapy blends

Luxurious, high quality bath, skin care and aromatherapy blendsLuxurious, high quality bath, skin care and aromatherapy blends

About us

How We Got Started


From Error to Entrepreneurship 

In 2004, Venessa, the founder of DeGanya Aromatics, was misdiagnosed as having a stroke, even though all medical testing stated “no evidence of a stroke”. Three years later, in 2007, Venessa had moved to Pennsylvania and was faced with many challenges and obstacles in her attempts to obtain health insurance. Due to the physician’s misdiagnosis, she was categorized as “uninsurable”. She attempted to rectify the issue, but the doctor would no longer acknowledge the situation nor accept her phone calls.

In the meantime, while watching a special program on PBS about health, Venessa became intrigued with the presentation regarding the properties of healing and health maintenance in Essential Oils. Within a couple of weeks, Venessa was in full investigation mode and began studying Essential Oils. She became a Certified Aromatherapist after which she received certification in Natural Products Manufacturing. She currently is pursuing studies in Organic Skin Care.

Many wonder why the company is named “DeGanya Aromatics”. In a general conversation with one of her siblings on naming the business, the conversation led to “I wonder what your name means in Hebrew”?  Good question (Venessa or Vanessa). After conducting a bit of research over the Internet a most interesting Hebrew translation website was located. Not only did the website translate names from English to Hebrew it gave the scriptural reference for the name; provided the numeric value of each letter in the name and the meaning of the number, followed by the opportunity to purchase a drawing of your name. (Opportunity missed, as of today we cannot locate this website, perhaps they have gone out of business)  

Venessa translated to “DeGanya (grain of G-d)” the foundation - Genesis 27:28 “So may G-d give you dew from heaven, the richness of the earth, and grain and wine in abundance.” CJB

For Venessa this was an eye opening revelation - She who is named “Grain of G-d”, has been empowered to use His grains to enhance, enrich, change and improve the lives of His People.

And so began DeGanya Aromatics, July 2008